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Sherlock’s knowledge Perfume

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the hobbit: desolation of smaug + scenery

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The three of them together 

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took our chance, crash and burn
no, we’ll never ever learn
I fell apart, but got back up again…

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Tom Hardy at the EE British Academy Film Awards, February 16th, 2014

Tom Hardy at the EE British Academy Film Awards, February 16th, 2014

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Mr Tom Hardy and Miss Kelly Marcel | BAFTAs 2014


Mr Tom Hardy and Miss Kelly Marcel | BAFTAs 2014

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Marvelous Sundance interview with Steven Knight … do I have a crush on him? think so … where he talks about making Locke and Peaky Blinders. HERE

An amusing detail he shares about Locke:

On two occasions the BMW they were using as Ivan Locke’s vehicle ran low on petrol and automatically emitted an annoying musical warning sound. It happened during filming and both times Tom Hardy hit the car to make it shut up. Steven decided to incorporate that reaction by adding the voice message, “You have a call waiting.” In other words, the message is part of the film but Tom hitting car is actually Tom. 

Talking about Peaky Blinders, he said he’d finished writing all six episodes of season two. And in a comment on the superb quality of TV series today — a comment that in no way foreshadows anything — he noted that, in the past, if a film actor did TV he was effectively handing in his notice as a film actor. But now doing TV is viewed more like doing theatre, a way to exercise one’s acting muscles. :~)

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We at Dotorg are thrilled that the first Calendar has been printed and we can show you ..along with heart felt pleas from our newest admin,Kelly.

"A heartfelt plea to Dot Org’ers, THAAC’ers, IMdB’ers, Variations and beyond..

Regarding the calendar..for the many orders we’ve already received, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enormous show of generosity and want to remind you that all the money made will benefit some fantastic charities.

If you have yet to place your order, it’s not too late! It’s never too late!
We would love as a group to be able to sell as many of these magnificent looking specimens as we can.
Think of the benefits!

Helps you count down the days!
Keeps Tom Hardy on your wall at ALL TIMES!
Wipes free of drool after long gazing and kissing sessions! (that’s a joke, the calendar tastes awful. Trust me, I know).

So please, for the love of god, help us help the charities that are so close to Hardy’s heart. Order now and get a big fat kiss from me, Kelly, resident dotorg lap dog and all around lovely person;) “

ALL proceeds will be going to Mkomazi Project, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Save the Children and Wounded Warriors.

To place an order, please go to and click the “officially unofficial” calendar store tab. Click the image, select the number of calendars you’d like to order, click “Add to Cart”, then click on the checkout tab to the right of the screen to complete your transaction. Please don’t forget to add shipping to your order!

Duffy Girl, you’re too funny!
Can’t wait to get mine…